Nutrition e Arun Conscious Touch

(France, 1951) started her discovery of herself through the body in 1973, and for a period of 10 years, she was putting all her energy into this journey by taking classes, courses, and giving and receiving many sessions; The main focus of all these methods is being aware: through touch, breath, energy and movement.

Her teaching is an attempt to bring you in the moment, not wanting to change but more to accept this beautiful person that you are. She is trained in breath awareness, psychic massage, energy balancing, Aurasoma, massage and conscious touch.
For many years she lived and work in Osho’s Communes and Meditation Centers in India, USA, and Europe. Since 1985 she and Anubuddha have been creating ARUN Conscious Touch.

Her sessions are a synthesis of all these methods that she applies following her intuition with each individual, and a sharing of the deep love and relaxation that she has found through becoming friendly with her own body.

Anasha is a great cook, has studied diet and nutrition for years and is specialist in colon cleansing.