Bhaskar & Niranjana

Bhaskar & Niranjana

Supreme Light Meditation

Bhaskar is a devotee of Amma Bhagavan, initiated to offer OM – Oneness Meditation.

Graduated from Oneness University (India) as an advanced level instructor, he was also initiated to lead the process called Sacred Chambers.

He runs the Oneness Satsang Center – Moinho (in Alto Paraíso de Goiás, Chapada dos Veadeiros).

Bhaskar has also been a disciple of Osho since 1982, from whom he was given the name Devam Bhaskar (Divine Sun God).

He lived in the community of Osho for two years when he had the chance to interview Osho three times for Correio Braziliense and Folha de S. Paulo, two of the main newspapers in Brazil.

For his work in the field of child rights journalism, Bhaskar received the Special Mention of the National Human Rights Award from the Brazilian government.

Anand Niranjana (whom Osho initiated with the name Blessed Goddess), is a devotee of Amma Bhagavan and Trainer of Oneness University (India).

She runs next to Bhaskar the Oneness Satsang Center – Mill.

A professional photographer in the field of performing arts and human rights, she works for national and international foundations and media.

She received the Ayrton Senna Prize for Journalism, among others.

She was blessed with invitations to photograph Osho darshans and also Amma Bhagavan.