Devaki Bianchi

Devaki Bianchi

Path of Love

An explorer of herself since 1998, when through contact with therapists and group experiences, she began her process of self-knowledge.

She was trained in: Learning Love with respected therapists Krishnamana and Amana – USA; Rebirth with Leonard Orr (creator of the technique) – USA; Yoga Ayurvedic Massage with Kussum Modak – India; Osho Prana Healing (Energetic Healing) with Upadhi – Italy and has Level II in Reiki.

She is a Path of Love, Trauma to Tantra and Relating Consciousness therapist.

Her work is inspired by the giving and awakening of love, welcoming the light and the vulnerability so that each person awakes a new look about himself. In her individual work, she uses breathing, massage and energetic reading to promote the conscious expression of each being. A work that also aims to bring the reconnection through the body, accepting its limitations and remembering the beauty of being who you are.