Tantra Heart and Prana Healing

Gayana started with Body Work in 2009, investigating and understanding the human body deeply through working with Ayurvedic Massage Yoga and Conscious Breathing Therapy (Rebirth).

Deepening in herself, she received a vast and intense personal training in other approaches to therapy, personal development and meditation, especially with Tantra, Tantra Breath Work, Presence and Synchronicity, Osho Prana Healing, Reading Energy, Heart and Trauma Healing, Suchness, Focusing, Aromatherapy and Medicinal Herbs, Food and Conscious Medicine and Active Motherhood.

As a facilitator of human development processes, she acquired essential qualities to navigate in the interaction of body, mind, emotions and energy. In addition, she has the experience of living for years in a buddha field, experiencing the dimensions of relating with awareness, love and honesty.

As a seeker, mother, surrendered to the magic of life, brings Meditation, truth and Love as the basis of her work in the World. With her sensitivity, intuition and dedication, she develops a work of awakening the beauty and unique potential of the various aspects of Being, both in the individual sessions and in the groups that she facilitates.