Nirdosh Eidels

Nirdosh Eidels

Path of Meditation

Born in Mexico, graduated as a Medical Doctor from Anahuac University of Mexico. Founder of Conscious Medicine, a new holistic approach to healing, where he looks for the root cause of any symptom or disease including emotional, mental, physical, toxicological or energetical situations and works together with the patient to restore balance again, using various methods like TBM (Neurosomatic Rebalancing), GNM (Dr. Hamer´s German New Medicine), Transomatic Dialogue, Reiki, Theta Healing, Conscious Nutrition, Detoxing, Meditation and ancient body-mind healing methods, integrating the western and eastern approach to healing.
Nirdosh is a certified practitioner of Transomatic Dialogue, Osho No Mind, Osho Mystic Rose and Osho Born Again Meditative Therapies (Osho Multiversity, India), 1st Akashic Process, Master Reiki, Dream Dialogue and Past Life Dialogue, TBM and GNM.

He is an Awareness Intensive Instructor (Who is in? / Who am I?) certified by the Awareness Academy in Greece and the Integral Being Institute in Italy.

Co-founder of Conscious Nutrition Academy (2007)
Founder of Bodhi Medicine / Conscious Medicine (2015)

He offers workshops, trainings and individual sessions of Conscious Medicine, Primal, Active Meditation, Conscious Nutrition, Men´s gatherings, Osho meditative therapies, around the world and runs a Holistic Medicine practice in Mexico, Greece, Brazil, Romania and Turkey.