Osho Mystic Rose

September 16 – October o6, 2018

Osheanic International – Prainha – Ceará – Brazil

Crying and laughing are immensely healthy. Mystic Rose meditative therapy relies on this wisdom, allowing us to go through such layers to regain our vital energy.

It is an energy process so deep that it can release old and stuck energies, renew our vitality and create space for meditation, relaxation and silence through individual cleansing, relying on group energy to help each person to trust and deepen.

Osheanic International is the perfect place with the most friendly and loving support to experience the Osho Mystic Rose


21 consecutive days (3 hours per day)

1st week – Laughter

2nd week – Tears

3rd week – Silence

Who Can Participate:

Mystical Rose is intended for anyone who wants to embark on a date with themselves.

No prior experience of meditation is needed.


  • Recover the ability to laugh totally as we used to do when we were children
  • Allowing our tears to flow naturally again and feeling the freshness and peacefullness of an open heart
  • Strengthen the capacity to be a watcher in whatever situation we experience in life
  • Release and dissolve tensions in order to reconnect with innocence and vitality
  • Live again with totality and sincerity
  • Experiencing the essence of meditation
  • Receive all the scientifically proven healing benefits from laughter, tears and silence for the body, heart and mind
  • Jump in an adventure!




Nirdosh and Gulistan

Dr. Nirdosh and Gulistan have been offering for twelve years a variety of healing and meditation workshops in America, Europe and Asia. Their lifestyle is a colourful expression of their passion for all Osho Meditative Therapies, Primal (Healing the Inner Child), Healing Adolescence, Conscious Nutrition, Detoxing, Bodhi Medicine and others.

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