Voice and Meditation Workshop

23/09/2018, 14:30 - 16:30

In this workshop, we play with diverse techniques to open, strengthen, and explore the voice in different ways, recognizing the real sound of our being.

The voice is our natural instrument, but we tend to cover it up. Techniques Devakant uses are derived from traditional Western “Bel Canto” (beautiful singing), oriental chants, classical Indian vocals, and Japanese and Tibetan mysticism. Devakant combines the voice with bioenergetics exercises to open the channels and deepen the sound of the body.

A fun workshop with much time dedicated to playfully remove shame and insecurity we have learned to associate with our own voice. No previous experience is needed to participate: everyone is welcome.

During the day, we will also experiment with various forms of meditation, surpassing the ideas we have about the limitations of our voice and encountering a new depth of our natural sound.

When: September 23rd
Price: 140

Facilitador: Devakant