Arun Conscious Touch Workshop

23/03/2019, 11:15 - 13:00

Arun Conscious Touch is a journey in the complexity and mystery that is the human body, its electromagnetic field and muscle system, joints, bones and vital organs. Through conscious touch, a touch of unconditional acceptance, vital and natural body energy can flow spontaneously, the body can relax and consciousness expands.

Started in 1994 by Anubuddha and Anasha, ARUN is a meditator´s vision of the body, human touch and life energy. ARUN is dedicated to the ongoing evolution of creative human touch. It recognizes, and teaches that we are “body” and “consciousness” as a living organic unity. Rooted in a deep appreciation and respect for the human body, ARUN nurtures love and awareness for all the natural functionings and inter-actions of the Human Energy Field.

ARUN Conscious Touch is not only a technique to be learned. It is learning to feel directly in “this moment”, the touch… without judging, analysing, or comparing. Its potential is immense. The understanding and awareness in ARUN of “inner energetic anatomy” and “creative touch” will enhance whatever approach to touch and the body that you are interested in. (Even in your own love life!)

The synergy of muscles, organs, and energy centers, when touched with awareness and sensitivity, can be experienced and appreciated by everyone. When we keep it simple, look deeply, and are not afraid of spontaneous life energy (including tension, fear, and pain), ARUN conscious touch becomes a way of sharing health, love, and the essence of meditation.

When: September 29th – 30th
Price: R$ 280

Facilitador: Anasha