The Festival

About the Osheanic Festival 2019

Join us to one of the most inspiring celebrations in the global community of seekers!

Osheanic Festival call enthusiasts of meditation, dancers, yoguis, musicians and spiritual seekers from all over the world to get together to inspire and nourish the potential within every individual.

This year, the Festival will have its longest duration ever! 23 days!


at the exuberant coastline of Ceará – Brazil!


Discover Youself





Kids Area

Bring them

and much more!

From Set 14th to Oct 6th at the exuberant coastline of Ceará!

Open your heart and be transformed!

An event which annually has brought to Brazil a wide range of international facilitators. Having an exciting variety of events and workshops, concerts, talks, and therapies. All this inside Osheanic International.

This year we invited new facilitators and musicians as well as some of our well-known group leader who has been with us recently.

You can expect the daily evening meetings with Robe Branco and live music and the extraordinary Primal Process will be present just after the Festival, from October 07th to 13th.

Experienced therapists will be available for massages, spa treatments and individual sessions, using energy work and different therapeutic approaches.

Every year during the festival Osheanic becomes a magical place, where separations and differences melt away. Residents and guests, therapists and clients, old and new seekers alike we all mix, mingle and meet as fellow travelers.

Playing, working and meditating together we get to know each other as human beings and friends and create this wonderful event that is bigger than all of us.

Join us!


Just 3 km from the warm Atlantic Ocean (28 degrees) near to the major city of Fortaleza, Ceara, in the northeast of Brazil. Osheanic is nestled among the picturesque sand dunes of Prainha.

The 60,000 Sq m. estate boasts lush coconut and cashew trees (some more than 100 years old), tropical gardens with walking trails, including our outstanding infrastructure, here a place designed for human being awakening.

Osheanic was created by a group of friends whose lives have been touched by the Indian mystic Osho. In fact, the name Osheanic is a tribute to his vision and philosophy.

Osheanic is generously supported by the donations of several founding partners whose goal is to create a self-sustaining and financially independent space where people can be themselves.

Many friends from all over the world have contributed their passion, energy and talents to make Osheanic the vibrant, international community it is today.

An unique flowering of Osho’s vision, Osheanic is an intense yet gentle Buddhafield which enhances living in awareness, authenticity, and lovingness.

Many of our residents are trained therapists and facilitators who also dedicate their time to the daily practicalities of keeping Osheanic, alive and grounded.

Throughout the year we offer daily meditations, a variety of workshops and trainings as well as individual therapeutic sessions.

We invite people from around the world to join us in this unique experience.

Osheanic is an alcohol and drug free place (some beverages are served during the Festival parties, but recreational drugs are not allowed throughout the event). Smoking is allowed only in designated places.