Tantra Seeds Workshop

with Homa & Mukto

The first workshop of the Osheanic Festival is with our beloveds and amazing therapists Homa and Mukto.

2 days dedicated to deepen the openness to love through Tantra.

When: September 15th – 16th
Price: R$ 280

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Mystic Rose

with Nirdosh Eidels and Dhyan Gulistan

21 consecutive days to experience the healing power of Laughter, Tears, and Silence.

“Your heart is the soil, your trust is the climate, and your being is the mystic rose. It’s opening, blossoming, and releasing its fragrance” Osho

When: September 16th – October 07th
Price: R$ 1.050

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Voice and Meditation Workshop

with Devakant

In this workshop, we play with diverse techniques to open, strengthen, and explore the voice in different ways, recognizing the real sound of our being.

When: September 23rd
Price: 140

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Path of Love Workshop

with Avinash and Devaki Bianchi

The Path of Love Workshop is a gentle and unique workshop designed to “shake the dust” off your heart and give you a taste of the The Path of Love 7 Day Retreat process.

When: September 22nd
Price: 140

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Arun Conscious Touch Workshop

with Anasha and Anubuddha

Arun Conscious Touch is a journey in the complexity and mystery that is the human body. Through conscious touch, a touch of unconditional acceptance, vital and natural body energy can flow spontaneously, the body can relax and consciousness expands.

When: September 29th – 30th
Price: R$ 280

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Tantranz Workshop – Tantric Massage

with Ma Deva Nataraj

The art of touching and being touched with awareness, awakening ecstasy, the natural healing potential of our own body. A massage that awakens the subtle energies at the level of the skin and shakes the electricity in the body for a feeling of deep orgasm and expansion.

When: October 03rd
Price: R$ 70

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Osho Prana Healing Workshop

with Gayana

A powerful and instantaneous pranic healing method, which aims to expand the vital energy (prana) through a series of meditations, exercises and specific methods that activate activating “pranic ray”, a vibrational quality that affects both physical and energy.

When: September 28th
Price: Free

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Healing Retreat Workshop

with Anasha and Anubuddha and Devakant

A Special Workshop with three great names from the world of Osho: Anubuddha, Anasha and Devakant, who will meet for the first time together to develop a deep and intense work during the Festival!

When: October 06th
This Workshop is Free

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