Gayana & Avinash

Gayana & Avinash

Tantra Heart and Osho Prana Healing

Meditation is the joy and meaning of Avinash and Gayana’s life. They believe this is the foundation for inner growth and for a healthy and fulfilling life in the modern world. They met at Osheanic International, where they live to the present day and coordinate and share their learning and merits.

The passion of this couple who are also parents of little Arun, is about the magic and mystery that life is, and to live a life full of love, creativity, growth, and inner silence.

For 10 years they have been giving retreats individual sessions around Brazil and Europe, sharing their personal journey as seekers, meditators and therapists mainly in the fields of Meditation, Tantra, Energy, Love, Intimacy, and Relationships. In their work, they combine different approaches to western therapy with different methods of eastern meditation.

In addition to the large baggage as seekers, they were trained by renowned therapists, including:
Tantra with Homa & Mukto
Osho Prana Healing with Upadhi Maggi
Zen Counseling with Svagito
Learning Love with Krishnananda and Amana.