Humaniversity and Family Constellation

Graduated in Psychology at UFPB – Brazil, Geetesh has been developing self-knowledge and personal growth work since 1979, studying and working with various techniques of holistic therapies.

Since 1996 he has been giving Ayurvedic Massage Trainings and Courses in several cities in Brazil and Portugal. In 1998 he became familiar with the work of Family Constellations, studying and accompanying several therapists in Trainings and Workshops, finishing his training in 2002 when he began his work as a facilitator. In 2012 he had the opportunity to recycle and expand his knowledge about constellations with Svagito.

In 2007, he deepened his knowledge of Ayurvedic Medicine and Massage with the Master Kussum Modak and Dra Art. He also did several training courses at Osho Multiversity (Poona – India). AUM leader trained at Humaniversity (Netherlands).

Also trained in Rebirthing, he uses Aura-soma, Florais and Bioenergetics as supports in his individual and group work.

He is currently a member of Osheanic International’s management team and staff of therapists in Brazil.