Ma Deva Nataraj

Ma Deva Nataraj


Graduated in Spanish and English literature, and specialized in Theatre Direction in her youth, Nataraj moved on to Therapy and body work after visiting Esalen in the 90s.

Hence, she specialized in Dance and Movement Therapy (5 rhythms, continuum, sense-perception), Biodynamics (craneo-sacral and sensitive), Gestalt Therapy, Esalen Massage Practice and Tantra.

Having being trained by Homa and Mukto and practicing with Daniel Odier, Nataraj has developed her own way of sharing the Tantric Vision: “Tantranz, el Movimiento del Amor.”
When she opened the first training in Buenos Aires in 2007, she met Abhinavagupta, her current partner and assistant.

After living and working in Europe, U.S.A and Brazil Nataraj and Abhinavagupta currently run a Tantric Meditation Centre in Buenos Aires, devoted to Osho, called Jardin Paraiso, currently expanding to Brazil.