Samadhi Pirola

Samadhi Pirola

Humaniversity and Neo Rebalancing

As a young man, Samadhi had lots of energy and doubts. As a seeker, he faced difficulties to find answers for his questions: Who am I? What am I doing here? What should I do now? Nothing that the conventional society gave as an answer calmed his rebellious heart.

It was through Osho that he found a new vision of life; to realize his self-healing potential and to pass that knowledge on to others. Samadhi became an Osho Sanyasan (disciple), at the young age of 23. He initially lived in the Osho Community in Pune, India and later travelled, studied and lived in various Osho Communities in Europe. During this time, he found unique and pioneering ways to apply interpersonal dynamics for individual growth. They were intense years of inner work and transformation. His inner search took him to different communities and Buddha-fields: UTA in Germany, Humaniversity in the Netherlands and Gautama in Italy.

In 1989 he came to Humaniversity, a Community and Therapist Training Center in the Netherlands. Here he met Vereesh, who became his mentor. This meeting and this school of living transformed Samadhi’s life, a heart connection that remains present in Samadhi’s life and work.

In 1995, he concluded a four year therapist graduation course in the Humaniversity, becoming a Humaniversity facilitator and began working with people. This is an ongoing personal and professional journey that deepens and evolves with each year. Samadhi also obtained a Diploma in Osho Rebalancing, a bodywork approach that includes deep tissue massage, myofascial release, postural alignment and meditation.

Some years later, he graduated as an Osho Rebalancer Trainer with Satyarthi Pelouquin. He is also a “Result Course” Instructor – Creative Consciousness Course – and leader of the HUMANIVERSITY AUM MEDITATION since 1992.

Samadhi now lives at Oshobahia, where he co-created an Osho Neo-Rebalancing training school that follows permaculture standards.

His work is the result of many years of inner search and studies with prominent humanistic psychology teachers. It is based on simplicity, direct experience, love and meditation.