Talib & Shubhaa

Talib & Shubhaa


Born in the United States, Talib is a teacher and therapist specializing in Codependency Therapy. He studied psychology at Arizona State University, USA, Osho Academy in Sedona and Osho International in Puna, India. Talib was trained in Tantra, trauma therapy, relationship therapy, coaching, rebirthing, and sexual deconditioning therapy.

Shubhaa is Brazilian, graduated in Psychology at the University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil; specializing in Gestalt & Relationship Therapy. Certified teacher and therapist in codependency therapy at the Learning Love Institute.

She has been trained in Bioenergetics, Rebirthing, Body Therapy, Coaching, Relationship Counseling, and Trauma Therapy.

They offer individual sessions, workshops and trainings in Europe, where they live, and in Brazil, addressing and deepening the various aspects of “relationship”, from working with Trauma’s subtle and delicate energies to Tantra’s vivid and full expressions.