The Art of Being: The voice of the body

25/05/2024, 21:30 - 23:00

Psychotherapy | Shamanism | Meditation I Art

This is a journey of inner exploration for the healing and transformation of the Soul.
Through the connection with the four elements, art, psychotherapy, systemic work, shamanism and meditation, you will learn to relate to your vulnerability in a deep state of intimacy with yourself, dissolving pains, fears, conditioning, to discover the beauty, the joy and the power of being in presence, refining your art of being.

It is for all those who feel disconnected from their inner nature and power, and for those who wish to expand their consciousness through direct experience.

The Art of Being: The voice of the body (EARTH)
Awakening of the 5 senses through a sensory journey of healing and release.

Facilitador: Sol Deva Nita