Art in Motion

23/07/2024, 10:00 - 12:20

The Art in Motion event is an invitation to become playful through dance improvisations and creative flow. The event starts with a guided meditation to root us, connect with ourselves, and arrive into the here and now. The dance improvisation exercises invite the wisdom of the body to speak; allowing the body to take the lead in the movements while observing how the mind wants to control them. This event allows the participants to step out of form (of how dance ‘should look like’) and into Being. Enjoying the body in movement, in a safe, joyful and creative environment. The event also provides creative assignments related to the dancing: drawing our inner energy (for example, ‘what does your first chakra look like right now?) and dancing our drawings as well. All these exercises stimulate being in the moment and increasing our life energy flow.

Note: Wear comfortable clothes. No previous dance experience is required. Accessible to women and men.

Facilitador: Art in Motion