Clown Therapy – The Clown that Heals

25/05/2024, 14:30 - 16:30

Clown is a means of accessing our purest child, the one who is not afraid to expose, nor what others will think about it. He is our purer Essence, who does not create expectation, does not cling, exposes his ridicule, and lives saying yes.

Who drives you is your emotions!

We were children, light, spontaneous, creative. And so we solved all our questions. Remember? We have grown and lost all this, being framed in the need to always strike, to protect ourselves. And so we have been creating layers in our personality that prevent us from accepting our imperfections without judgment. How often do we need to please others by making use of our social masks?

When we anchor ourselves in presence and authenticity, these masks fall and we reach a state of spontaneity and freedom. We become light!

Through exercises and experiences, we will access our Clown, exploring our imperfections, our potentialities, accepting us as we are and rescuing our Inner Child. Maybe this encourages us to be more fun adults, more connected with ourselves and with the pleasure of living!

Facilitador: Prem Rajat