Circular Dance

14/06/2024, 17:00 - 17:30

The movement of the Sacred Circular Dances is inspired by ancestral rituals performed by people of different cultures who danced in a circle as a form of union, preparation, celebration and welcoming.

Symbolically, circle dancing reminds us that we are all one. Side by side, looking into each other’s eyes and moving on the same steps together, we create a magical energy of love, complicity and unity.

As a form of meditation, the Circular Dance helps us to bring awareness of our presence in the body, taking the steps as a guide to perceive how much we are present in the movement or distracted by the mind.

The purpose of this experience is to use dance as a laboratory. We dance with different songs and energies, accepting that wrong or right does not matter, inviting us to look at how we deal with our limitations and facilities, and also with the ones of those around us.

It is a moment of joy, celebration and lightness, either for those who love to dance and for those who have no experience and are willing to challenge themselves.

Facilitador: Mariana Mattar