Feldenkrais Method®: Finding Inner Calm

14/06/2024, 14:30 - 16:30

You will explore yourself during gentle, playful and precise movements. Slowing down, you learn to sense yourself in very subtle ways, and you develop a more clear and accurate self-image.

This process allows you to experientially discover that which is not spontaneous in you, that which unwantedly is repeated over and over again. This discovery is the foundation for making new possibilities visible, and thereby for becoming your own authority in choosing what fits for you in any given moment.

As you keep your attention within in a focused but very relaxed way, it naturally calms your nervous system and you experience a state of inner peace that resembles the effect of a good meditation.

Movement lessons of the Feldenkrais Method® called “Awareness Through Movement” are one of the most neurologically sophisticated and effective ways of learning to act with greater ease, efficiency, spontaneity, and grace.

Facilitador: Amona Buechler