Focusing Basics: Listen to Your Body’s Wisdom

14/06/2024, 10:00 - 12:20

In this process called Focusing, we do not try to improve or change anything, we add nothing, however “bad” something might seem, we reflect back what is there, in empathetic presence, sensing inwardly.

This kind of safe and steady presence to oneself as well as to a partner, and the willingness to be with whatever comes up in a friendly way is one of the most powerful tools for something that is hidden and stuck to become unstuck and transformed.

As we learn to sense the body from the inside, we recognize that every “problem” forms a specific bodily sense. In this simple inner listening called Focusing, this inner felt sense gradually shows itself, which we then consciously stay in contact with, acknowledge and verbalize.

Triggered by this process of “being with”, we often experience a sudden unexpected relief, as if the body was grateful for our attention.

Something inside that had long been frozen and silent comes to light, and life’s energy can flow in a new way. When such a shift or step emerges from being with a felt sense – always unmistakably experienced in the body – something has transformed, something entirely unknown and fresh emerges.

Facilitador: Amona Buechler