Inner Ecology

25/05/2024, 14:30 - 16:00

An event dedicated in creating a connection with Mother Earth and our inner being.
We cannot heal the planet if , first, we don’t heal ourself.
The critical ecological situation of the Planet is a manifest result of individual and collective human consciousness; ecological destruction is a material manifestation of the deep wound we feel inside for disconnecting with ourself , the difficulties we all have to feel and sense our inner field, our heart and our human nature.
In the experience we will practice experiencial communication with nature , in order to reestablish inner and outer connection and, by doing so, creating consciousness in the direction of self healing and restoration of the planet.

“..Your body is Earth, your brain is Earth, you heart is Earth; you are the highest flowering , a great metamorphosis. It seems there is not connection between the Earth and your eyes, but your eyes are nothing but the eyes of the Earth, it’s an effort of the earth to see. Your ears are an effort of the Earth to hear the music..” Osho

“Our Sacred Earth is the Mother of Humanity” Veeresh

Facilitador: Samadhi Pirola