Lion’s Heart: Breathing Into Your Emotions

23/07/2024, 10:00 - 12:20

The lion symbolizes a life lived with love and freedom. He is powerful in the body, strong in the heart and light in his spirit.

In the play of transformation as described by Nietzsche, the lion is the symbol of awakening to one’s own strength. The camel stands at the beginning of inner transformation. It follows blindly, believes others and is conditioned to always say yes, whether it likes things or not.

At the next stage of the journey, the lion is a rebellious soul, questioning authority and following his own path. He is able to say no and to stand up for his truth. The final stage of transformation is to be like a child, with its mystic-like openness, courage, and innocence. Like a mystic, a child approaches life playfully with love, light, and laughter.

In this powerful event at first you will embody the powerful lion and its breath follow by emotional and spiritual expression, stress release and opening the Lions Heart reaching inner silence and watchfulness reconnecting us to our Buddha nature within.

Facilitador: Shanti