No Mind

14/06/2024, 14:30 - 16:00


The Meditation therapy “No Mind” is a magnificent and scientific energy process that dispels tensions of body and mind. Thus creating a deeper space of meditation in which the person may be in contact with his or her own energy at all times.

A 1h30 event being 45 minutes of Gibberish and 45 minutes of silence and observation.

The first part is Gibberish. The word “gibberish” comes from a Sufi mystic, Jabbar. Jabbar never spoke any language, only uttered things totally meaningless. However, he had thousands of disciples because what he was saying was, “Your mind is nothing more than gibberish”. Put it aside and you will have a taste of your own being. Use gibberish and consciously go crazy. Indulge yourself with absolute awareness so that you become the center of the cyclone. Just allow what comes without worrying about whether it makes sense or is reasonable. Just throw away all the garbage of the mind and create the space in which the Buddha can appear.

The second part is silence and observation. The cyclone is gone and also took you away. The Buddha took your place in absolute silence and immobility. You are just witnessing the body, the mind and anything that is happening.

Facilitador: Nirdosh Eidels