Sacred Women, Divine Men

14/06/2024, 10:00 - 12:20

Are you feeling the “birth pangs” of the New Man and the New Woman?

It was predicted that we would come to this time when we are now. Where human consciousness and potential is crumbling. We are obliged to find new tools, new ways of understanding to move beyond this outdated and unauthentic manner in which men and women relate.

Our role is to leave behind this critical and worn-out layer of what is not working and with dignity bury this Chaos and end this Saga.

We can change that through a new set of tools and languages, sharing deep feelings rather than dysfunctional power games. And this change will affect the entire planet.

Men and women are said to be from different planets or unable to understand each other. The time has come to dispel this myth, stop retelling or excuse untrue behavior.

We are looking every day how to create a sustainable and renewable future. Let’s get ready for this? And inaugurating is opening for the new humanity to rise again. It’s time! The time is now!

In this workshop Sweet Medicine and Gustavo Tanaka invite us to join them in this waiting and awakening of the seeds of knowledge we carry in our being so that they can flourish in these present times.

In the morning, Gustavo will drive the men and Sweet Medicine the women. In the afternoon, we will all be celebrating this new flourish together!

When: October 04th
Price: FREE

Facilitador: Sweet Medicine