Tantra Heart

14/06/2024, 10:00 - 12:20

Tantra is about saying yes to yourself and to life!

This event is an invitation to be in touch with our heart, body, energy and vitality, being able to open and flow in deeper spaces and greater connection with ourselves and with life.

A journey of expansion into sensitivity, spontaneity, freedom and meditation in a relaxed and authentic way, strengthening the heart space to grow in confidence and inner presence.

We can be present with ourselves and relate in a healthier way, with love and naturalness, in essential aspects of life as sexuality, intimacy and love.

This experience brings important qualities of Tantra, of awareness and acceptance. From there a space of greater love and surrender takes place and a new way of living can be awakened.

When: September 21st
Price: 160

Facilitador: Avinash