Diamond Breath: The Power of Breath

01/10/2023, 14:30 - 16:30

For inner healing and well-being

Great breathing brings great being! The power of breath is the most healing, rejuvenation and transformative device in your life. It liberates your body, sex, mind and heart from all stresses and brings inner balance, joy and a new vitality.

Breathe deeply and you can live intensely! Here you work with Power Breathing – a therapeutic method of high-energy breathing. You release long repressed inner tensions and unlock your body-energy flow to initiate a process of physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

The power of breath relaxes your nervous system, strengthens your immune system and awakens your emotional intelligence. It prevents disease and opens your heart for the experience of love and meditation. You experience a fresh breeze in your relationships.

Missing your breath you miss life! Taking a deep breath you rejoice in the beauty and the richness of life.

Once breathing is perfect,
Everything falls into line.
Breathing is life.


When: September 20th
Price: FREE

Facilitador: Shanti