Who is in? Awareness Intensive

23/07/2024, 10:00 - 12:20

The Awareness intensive event is not another psychological therapy. In this event we seek a direct experience of truth, of being, and in this adventure we pass through and beyond ideas, ideals, conditionings, problems, games and identities, in a word… mind.

The structure creates space to work with the koan “Who Is In?” as a tool to return to the source inside. Traveling through all the layers of who we think we are brings us straight to the deepest center of witnessing. This allows a deep relaxation and the sparkling joy of being truly in the present moment.

The work involves an intense event with silence and individual koan talks. This journey provides time to be totally with yourself, without distractions. This event is right for those who feel the need for a passionate and total commitment to spiritual growth.